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Sync Across Devices

Plan from a desktop then explore with your mobile device in the field. Your data automatically syncs both ways, so you can find your way to that lookout, camp spot, trail or other. When in the field, you can drop custom waypoints as a reminder of what you found and where you found it—then study the area in detail on your computer when you’re home.

The onX Hunt app lets you navigate with confidence by always knowing where you are with clearly marked property lines. Our proprietary data collection, analysis, and layering methods give you the most accurate and up-to-date maps available on all devices—all in one place

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With onX You Get:

The most accurate and up-to-date BLM maps available.

Surrounding landowner names and boundaries.

High-resolution topo and satellite imagery.

GPS tools such as Waypoints, tracking and more.

Offline maps for navigating out of cell service.

Great for desktop planning and in-field use.

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Infographic showing onX covers 985M acroes of public land, offers 421 layers, and over 2,000 land management agency professionals use onX.
Side by side image of BLM land with onX (BLM land boundaries) and without onX (no BLM land boundaries).